Important to Know

Lao visa policy depends on the nationality of the applicant. You can check via Internet.


A repatriation insurance is absolutely necessary!
Our advice: read your credit card contracts carefully ; different insurances are often inclued.

Your passport, a hard copy of your electronic plane tickets, some passport photos.
Our advice: Before leaving, and whatever your destination, scan or photograph the important pages of your passport as well as any document you consider useful for your trip; Then send an e-mail to yourself with these documents in attachment.

By carte Visa card or MasterCard
A wire transfer is possible.

It depends on your circuit and the period.

Once your trip is booked, LPT Exclusive sends you an e-mail giving all the useful tips and especially the list of what to take with you. This list is suitable for your trip

Depending on your budget and desiderata (city center, air con, spa, swimming pool etc.) Regarding your requests we will offer a selection of accommodations.

LPT Exclusive is totally independent and gives priority to the comfort and the well-being of its clients. You can also tell us the lodging you have selected by yourself.

No vaccine is required.
Veillez à vous protéger des moustiques en vaporisant de lotion répulsive sur les bras, les jambes et les vêtements.
Be sure to protect yourself from mosquitoes by spraying repellent lotion on your arms, legs and clothing. Antimalarial treatment may be necessary for trekking and bivouacs in the jungle or in remote areas. However the most effective in this case remain by covering the whole body with clothes, the mosquito net and the repellent.

Ensure that you have health / repatriation insurance.


May to September : rainy season. Mostly thunderstorms in the late afternoon or intermittent showers. Beautiful skies and vegetation. There are few days of uninterrupted rain. Some roads are barely passable. Low and intermediate touristic season..

November to February : dry and cool season. It can be cold at night in the North, especially in Luang Prabang. High touristic season.

March to April : dry and warm season (33-34 ?C). Some days, and depending on the wind, one can be incommoded by the smoke coming from the burns. High and intermediate touristic season.

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam: timezone: UTC +7
Example :
In summer: +5 hours compared to France
In winter: +6 h compared to France

Myanmar (Burma): time zone: UTC +6.5
Example :
In summer: + 4h30 compared to France
In winter: + 5h30 h compared to France

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam:
Credit cards are accepted in banks, ATM, hotels, restaurants and shops in large urban areas. In small villages and for current expenses provide local currency. The US dollar is accepted almost everywhere.

Myanmar (Burma):
Few or no ATM. The network for payment by credit cards is in progress. Provide new US dollars bank notes.

No special risk. Usual caution: let your passport at the hotel, no unattached bag on the rack of the bike, etc.

You can buy a SIM card on arrival in all countries.