South Laos and Angkor - 10 days & 9 nights

South Laos offers an astonishing diversity. On the plateau of Bolovens you will stroll in the middle of the coffee plantations, then you will sail on the Mekong River which stretches out amid the 4000 Islands. Finally, before flying to Siem Reap, you will admire the beautiful pre-Angkorian temple of Vat Phou. Angkor Thom, Banteay Srei and Angkor Wat are some of the fabulous temples of Angkor that you will discover by car or tuk-tuk.

Luang Prabang Travel Exclusive offers only tailored tours for individuals.
At each request we make a personalized proposal and a quotation depending on:
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The circuit below is given only as an example.

Welcoming by your guide at Pakse airport. Then you will visit Wat Luang temple with its magnificent frescoes, which depict Buddha�s life.
Then stroll about on the market of Pakse before taking the road for the plateau of Bolovens.
There, the French settlers planted coffee, bananas and rubber trees.
On the way, a stop is scheduled at the beautiful Tad Yeauang waterfall.
A walk to the Tad Fan waterfalls where you will admire the majestic waterfalls, emerging from the cliffs that are covered by the jungle.
You will continue your tour with the Sinouk coffee plantation, then the villages of Ban Pong Neua, Ban Kokphoung, and Tad Lo and Tad Phasoum waterfalls.
In the morning, you will visit Watphanone and Watthong temples.
Then you will take the road for Champassak where you will visit Vat Phou, a beautiful pre-Angkorian temple, as well as the small museum of the site.
Departure in the morning to Khong island.
On the way, you will visit the ruins of Ou Mong, located in a bucolic site.
Then, you will discover the Khone Pha Pheng falls: there, the Mekong river breaks, over 14m high
Discovery by bike of the peaceful Khong Island, almost car free. You will ride through colonial vestiges.
After crossing small hamlets and bamboo groves, you reach the remarkable Li Phi waterfalls.
Embarkation on a small local boat for a cruise on the Mekong in the middle of the "4000 Islands".
Transfer to Pakse airport for your flight to Siem Reap (Angkor).
Welcome at Siem Reap airport and transfer by private car to your hotel.
Then, you will visit the temples of the first Angkorian capital: Roluos (9th century). The mountain-temple (Bakong), the temples to the ancestors (Preah Ko, Lolei) and a vast reservoir (Baray) are the constituent elements of the Khmer city. This visit is an ideal introduction to Angkor because it allows to understand the Khmer town planning.
You will discover the marvelous temple of Angkor Wat with its slender towers and magnificent bas-reliefs. It is one of the most extraordinary monuments ever conceived by the human spirit, erected in the 12th century in honor of Vishnu.
In the afternoon you will visit Banteay Srei, a finely carved pink sandstone jewel. This small temple (10th century), whose name means 'the citadel of women', is a summit of Khmer art.
On the way back, visit of the ancient monastery Ta Prohm, where the cheese trees took root in the stones. There you will find splendid Devatas carved during the reign of Jayavarman VII.
Departure for the north of Angkor to Preah Khan temple, built by Jayavarman VII in 1191 in honor of his father who is represented as the savior of Mahayanist Buddhism. Then you will visit the Neak Pean that is the unique temple-island of Angkor.
You will continue exploring Angkor further south to reach the two beautiful temples of Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda, dating from the 12th century. They are illustrated by beautiful images carved in honor of Shiva and Vishnu.

Picnic-lunch in a lost temple. The only people you may encounter are the Khmers, working in the surrounding rice fields.

In the afternoon, visit of Angkor Thom (the Great City) with its famous Bayon (12th and 13th centuries) dedicated to Buddhism, and composed of 54 gigantic towers with 216 faces.
Then your guide will take you on the Terrace of the Elephants, 350m long, which welcomed the pomp of royal audiences and public ceremonies.
Finally the terrace of the Leper King will offer you several figures of Apsaras, beautifully carved.
In the morning, after a stroll on a local market, you will depart for the lake village of Kompong Khleang, located about forty kilometers from Siem Reap. The natural environment of the stilted houses is exceptional: flooded plains and vivid green rice fields.
A boat trip on the canals will lead you to the lake where people move their houses, according to the seasons.
Return to the village and picnic for a local lunch.
Eventually, return to Siem Reap by the end of the afternoon.
Free time until your departure flight. Transfer by private car to Siem Reap airport.