The magnificent forests of Laos provide a haven for many species of insects, some of which are still almost unknown. The diversity of environments, the tropical jungles, the plains of the Center (Na hin-Pha Tang) to the summits of the North (Xam Neua) as well as the Limestone Mountain Range (Lak Xao), present unique terrains for studying and observing the insect fauna.

To get to know the biodiversity of Butterflies and Scarab beetles of Laos better, we have prospected and organized various expeditions with scientifics in various remote areas, so that insects could be gathered in biotopes that are normally very difficult to reach. Staying in ethnic villages or in the forest in organized camps, porters take care of bringing us supplies and equipment. On request, nocturnal collections can be carried out in certain specific areas. On these occasions one can closely observe Saturnidae of which the giant Attacus are amongst the largest butterflies in the world, and a multitude of other species. Butterflies are more active in the morning, you�ll have to leave early if you want to observe them, on the riverbanks or up in the trees, in the canopy where the Teinopalpus fly. You�ll also be fascinated by the different forms of mimicry batesian, m?llerian or crypsis in the insects of Laos. This mimicry can be in their appearance, behavior, sound, scent or even location.

Steeve COLLARD, Entomologist M.Sc.

Entomological circuits accompanied by a specialist :
You�ll leave with our experimented guides into ethnic villages, where you�ll pass the night either in a tent or in somebody�s home.
This is a real expedition that only LPT Exclusive is capable of organizing, along with all the official authorizations required.
Don�t hesitate to contact us: together, we�ll work out a specific circuit along with an estimate. You can, of course, combine a ?classical? circuit for example, with a ?butterfly? one.